Air Balloon Ride

A breathtaking ride by the hot air balloon

Have been dreaming to explore the sky by a hot air balloon? We know it! And that is why our Enjoyment list contains it an air balloon ride so you can spend even more pleasant moments!  So, how and when you can actually participate in this unforgettable event?

We partnered up with an award-winning hot air balloon rides company to give you so many breathtaking moments and remember your stay as one of the most interesting things in your life. So you can imagine yourself a hero of a folk tale! Our hot air balloon pilots are certified people with a huge experience, so you can safely enjoy the stunning views of a free space.  We provide this offer for 8-14 passenger in one basket, which is more safe than in a tour hot air balloon companies directly. Private flights are also available.

You will also like our after-flight party dinner with champagne or any other drinks to your liking. Sounds tasty?

Oceanica makes it easy for you to not only have great time by the ocean, but in the open air as well!